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We’ve worked in the business management field for more than 30 years, so we understand how important it is to ensure long-term business growth. However, a lack of sufficient tools, complicated processes, and monotonous work might distract you from your primary tasks and hinder your progress. We aim to reduce the obstacles your growing business faces and save time and other resources with digital enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

We offer finance and accounting tools, business analytics, process tracking solutions, staff management, and ERP systems for small businesses and established enterprises.

We always seek to improve, gain new knowledge, enhance our services and implement the latest technologies and trends. That’s why we can be sure that we offer you optimal working solutions.

We are your partners. We listen to your individual business needs and, based on that, adapt our systems and solutions throughout your whole business journey.

We offer more than a system:


We have over 30 years of experience working with technology and business management. We improve and adapt personalized, standard, and integrated enterprise resource planning solutions.


We have three dedicated companies that ensure smooth processes for our customers. Our experts analyze client needs, adapt and maintain solutions, and support customers every step of the way.


Each day we provide quality services for over 1200 loyal customers. And we have more than 28 000 system users in Lithuania and Europe.

We offer partnership

Simplify your enterprise resource planning, document, and finance management. Thirty years of working experience allows us to do this efficiently and easily. Focus on your company and see it grow while we ensure that you always have smooth and complete business control.

Competence Center

We offer 24/7 customer service, technical system maintenance, and technical improvement.

Artificial intelligence

We develop systems that provide recommendations and solutions to ensure uninterrupted business progress and save time and other resources.


We offer SaaS and IaaS-based standard and individual ERP solutions. We also provide Microsoft .NET-based additional functionalities.


We ensure the highest security standard with Microsoft Azure safety services.

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