Important Announcement For Microsoft 365 Users: Changes To Authentication Settings

If you’re using Microsoft 365, be aware of the authentication method changes that the company is doing without any prior announcement. Microsoft is introducing a new default option that disables some of our system features. The update mainly affects email functionality, but we recommend you contact your IT system administrator to avoid service interruptions. 

Unfortunately, there’s no information about the exact date when the new Microsoft authentication updates will start. It’s important to remember that our systems can’t identify these new updates, so it’s crucial that you take care of it yourself to be able to use all LABBIS system features and functionality.

After the new authentication update, you’ll be able to access Microsoft programs using the Modern Authentication method. If you wish to continue using our systems, you should enable the SMTP protocol to authenticate using the Basic Authentication method.

If you miss this Microsoft update, invoices, mutual acts, important documents, and other emails might not reach your partners, colleagues, and clients.

If you’re using Konto (Labbis 4), Bonus, Savitarna (a staff management system), LOGAS (a document management system), Billing, Service, Land Rent Tax system, CVP/DARSIS, TPP, and other programs to send and manage emails, you should take action immediately.

To get more information and help with these changes, contact your IT system administrator or us through the LABBIS HelpDesk system.

To find more information and guidelines on how to change your settings while keeping the SMTP protocol enabled to authenticate using the Basic Authentication, you can click here: Enabling Modern or Basic Authentication for Microsoft 365 | Windows OS Hub (

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