5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Microsoft Power BI Analytics

Business data analytics is essential for any enterprise that seeks to enhance its process efficiency and make faster decisions. Through data analytics, a business can identify its strengths and performance gaps to improve its operations. However, it’s not uncommon for companies to still use outdated tools like pen and paper or track their progress on Excel.

Yet, once you experience modern analytics tools like Microsoft Power BI, you cannot return to your manual Excel sheets. Not only does it collect vital data points about your business, but it also provides valuable insights into your progress. And the exciting news is that LABBIS has been working with Microsoft systems for years, and we offer these services to our customers. We provide automation tools that could help your business grow, optimize, and automate tedious and time-consuming manual processes. And in this article, you’ll learn why every business should prioritize data analytics and how Microsoft Power BI can transform your data into strategic insights.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based data analytics tool for businesses. It only takes a simple integration to access significant amounts of data from various departments and segments of your business, process them, and turn them into simple and understandable tables and charts. You can get insights into your sales, expenses, different departments, and their performance. Furthermore, you can connect data from multiple platforms. The Power BI tool facilitates performance tracking and setting smart goals based on clear statistical information.

The tool converts data into clear visuals like graphs and illustrations to present data and interactively manage it. You can access this information on the same platform or transport data to Excel sheets, Dynamics 365, and other tools since all information is stored in the cloud.

What businesses use Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI serves thousands of companies worldwide from various industries, including technology, financial services, healthcare, and more. Many companies choose the Microsoft Power BI tool because it is easy to integrate into small business processes and large corporation operations.

5 benefits of Microsoft Power BI for your business

1.     Helps you understand your business processes better

As your business grows, keeping track of every detail across different departments and processes becomes increasingly challenging. Basic tools like pen and paper or Excel sheets don’t provide enough information to gain insights. Power BI presents data in clear graphs based on your preferences, making it easy to share with colleagues or partners and make informed decisions. The platform also uses machine learning to optimize processes.

2.     Reduces human errors

Without clear data on your progress, you may miss areas that need improvement or repeat mistakes that hinder progress. Power BI tracks gaps and comprehensively presents data, giving you a clear perspective on your company’s performance.

3.     Gives real-time information

As your company grows, same-day data may be outdated. Power BI constantly updates data in real time, enabling you to compare information based on time and date and gain valuable insights from a long-term perspective. Microsoft uses fast cloud technology to ensure speedy updates.

4.     Updates automatically

Once you install Microsoft Power BI, the system updates automatically, ensuring the latest safety features and other improvements. With weekly updates, any interruptions you may face will be resolved promptly. We also provide 24/7 customer service and a competence center to address any problems or system interruptions.

5.     Provides high data security

Power BI ensures the safety of your data with a personalized system that allows you to assign different access rights to each employee. Full data encryption safeguards data when you send it to colleagues or partners. Access your data anywhere with the innovative Power BI mobile app. All data is stored on the cloud and protected using the Microsoft Cloud App Security portal. The system also alerts you and blocks any suspicious activity.

LABBIS data analytics solution for your business

Data analytics provides a comprehensive understanding of your business. As an official Microsoft Power BI partner in Lithuania, we help our clients integrate Power BI into their business operations and discover its unlimited opportunities. This solution can transform any business — from small private companies to large and established enterprises. With a deep understanding of your business, you can spot performance gaps and manage your company more effectively. Elevate your business to the next level with the Power BI analytics solution!


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