How To Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks?

Today, it would be difficult for many people to imagine their daily lives without various technologies: starting with mobile phones, computers, smart home appliances, and cars and ending with all the business management platforms and systems that we use in the business world.

However, every time we use any of these devices or systems, we face the risk that private information may become exposed to third parties who can illegally steal and use this data for their own purposes. To avoid cyberattacks, it is necessary to ensure cyber security both in personal and work environments.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security includes protecting digital information, devices, accounts, documents, and money, making it an increasingly relevant topic in personal life and the business world.

The three most important areas of cyber security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Properly securing data in the digital space ensures that only authorized persons can access your documents and accounts, your information cannot be changed without your permission, and you can freely access your data and systems.

Cyber security for smooth business operations

If using various digital devices and systems for personal purposes puts your data at risk, then using them at work threatens the security of all company data. Thus, the importance of digital security in business becomes even more prominent.

However, you can minimize the risks of jeopardizing corporate data by ensuring the security of business, company, and customer data and taking preventive measures. And you can achieve all of this by using specially designed services and tools.

How does LABBIS ensure cyber security?

Preventive measures and strategies that ensure protection against cyberattacks are an integral part of our products and services. By using our systems and services, cyber security becomes a continuous process that includes not only the internal infrastructure of the company but also intercontinental security. This, in turn, ensures smooth business processes for the company.

Global company security made easy

We offer Microsoft Azure services to ensure the safety of your company’s activities. We will adapt them to your system or, if necessary, create a solution with integrated services.

With these services, you can easily:

  • Create data backup copies and store information using the Storage It allows you to ensure uninterrupted and smooth business operations.
  • Protect your company’s website with advanced protection features provided by the Azure Security Center. In case something hinders your website, a copy of it will start working instead.
  • Limit IP access rights with the Access Restriction feature. This feature blocks and prevents unsolicited requests from third parties.
  • Analyze data from various sources, including visits to your website with Power BI Pro service.

These are just a few of the many cybersecurity benefits Microsoft Azure provides for your business. If you want to learn more about cyber threat prevention or how to enhance your current cybersecurity tools, please contact us, and we’ll find the best solution for you.

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